Getting support

ZotPad app has an integrated support system. The support system is accessed by tapping the gear button below the collection list. This will show ZotPad log and a toolbar with three buttons. The first button, User manual, will show the user manual and he Support button will open the online support system. 

If you need personal support, you can start a new support request with the Contact us button. This will start a new support request where you can describe the problem that you are facing. In addition to the description of the problem that you provided, the following information will be included in a support request:

  • ZotPad version
  • The device model and iOS version
  • userID and API key that you are currently using
  • All settings for ZotPad from the
  • The last 300 lines of the ZotPad log file

The support request will allow ZotPad support the same access to your Zotero database that ZotPad application currently has. No passwords or usernames are sent. The user manual describes the support system in more detail and with screenshots.

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