I do not want to use Zotero file storage or any other file server. Is it possible to copy attachment files directly from my computer to my iPad?

Yes. This is possible with iTunes file transfer. Follow the instructions on Zotero site to locate the Zotero data directory and open the storage folder located in the data directory. This folder stores the files in the format [key]/[filename].[suffix]. You need to copy all files into a temporary folder and rename them with the pattern [filename]_[key].[suffix]

On Mac this can be done by pasting the following three commands into Terminal.app

mkdir /tmp/ZotPad
find WRITE_PATH_TO_ZOTERO_DATA_DIRECTORY_HERE -name '*.pdf' | perl -p -e 's/(.*)\/(.*)\/(.*)\.(.*)/"\1\/\2\/\3.\4" "\/tmp\/ZotPad\/\3_\2.\4"/' | xargs -L 1 ln
open /tmp/ZotPad/

When you have done renaming and copying the files, drag and drop the content of your temporary folder into iTunes file transfer screen.

Before you attempt this solution, you should be aware that this will not make the files between your computer and ZotPad to sync automatically. You need to repeat this process every time you change a file or add a file to Zotero, which makes this an impractical solution except for special cases where the library is known not to change over time.

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